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Designed for high-achieving students and researchers to discover new articles of interest - hidden in tweets.

Discover the hidden depths of Twitter. Readable scans the tweets in your twitter feed and detects longform articles for you to read. The articles are cleaned and displayed in a clear interface, complete with auto-scrolling and focus view - to make it even more pleasant and comfortable to read the articles you’ve discovered.

Key Features

Add multiple Twitter accounts to find articles from people you follow

Scrub through long articles quickly

Favourites and history available offline

10 scrolling speeds

Focus view - read one line at a time

Page Up / Page down pagination alternative

Share options, including options to email the link or the article

Send article to other Readable users with precise document location, (i.e. ‘check out this paragraph’)

Add a Twitter user’s list(s) as a source

Search Twitter by #Tag or keyword

“Paste & Play’ - Displays the article currently on your clipboard

Scrub through long articles quickly

Curated content

Readable also includes curated articles on:

• Business

• Culture

• Design

• Mobile

• News

• Science

• Sport

• Technology

• Film & Television

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If you’re a high achieving student looking for that little extra content that is more relevant, contextual and current, then what better place to source new articles than in the hidden depths of Twitter, one of the most powerful sources of new thinking and links.



Timelines is a better way to provide service delivery, research and training. By building a sequence of engagement, your staff and participants get a guided path through surveys, rewards and reports. Delivered via an App or on the web for more effective outcomes.

Publish for Impact


Publish for Impact integrates a range of academic journal sources into one, simple, powerful interface. Use the fast and efficient "super-search” to identify strategic publishing decisions in real-time and deliver the most impact for you and your institution.

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