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Q: What does Readable do?

A: Readable finds, and converts, articles contained within tweets. They are a rich source of readable information buried inside Twitter. Twitter replaces RSS as the source of articles in Readable.

Q: Why can't I see my Twitter account?

A: Readable lists all the Twitter accounts it can find that are signed in on your device. They appear in the main menu under, "MY TWITTER ACCOUNTS". Check in your device Settings App that you have your Twitter accounts listed and active. Then force-quit Readable and reboot to see your Twitter account(s).

Q: Why do I need to login with Twitter?

A: Twitter requires an account authorisation before we can deliver articles into Readable. You can use Readable without Twitter authorisation, but you will only be able to type or paste links, or use the bookmarklet to open pages from Safari in Readable.

Q: What has changed since version 1?

A: Readable has been updated and rebuilt from the ground up as a 64-bit iOS only App. We made this version completely free to existing users, who have waited patiently for this update. Thank you!

Q: When I search Twitter, only a few tweets display. Why?

A: Only tweets containing articles are shown. Readable is not a Twitter client, but displays only articles in tweets that you can search for by user, list, tag or keyword. Tweets without article links are ignored.

Q: How do I make the text bigger?

A: Readable supports iOS Dynamic Type. Choose the text size you prefer in Settings > General > Text Size. For even larger text, select Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Type > Larger Dynamic Type.

Q: How do I share a reading position?

A: The recipient must be using Readable. If you share an article using 'Mail Link', the reading position is included automatically and will scroll to that location.



If you’re a high achieving student looking for that little extra content that is more relevant, contextual and current, then what better place to source new articles than in the hidden depths of Twitter, one of the most powerful sources of new thinking and links.



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