Installing the Readable bookmarklet

Q: How do I install the bookmarklet?

A: Here is the process for iPhone and iPad:

Part 1 - In the Readable App
[1] Tap on the ‘Settings' cog in the top left corner.
[2] Tap on 'Install Bookmarklet'.
[3] Tap ‘OK’. This page will open in Safari, (and the bookmarklet code will be copied to your clipboard).

Part 2 - In Safari
[1] Tap the ’Actions' button (see image below) and choose ‘Add Bookmark'.
[2] Tap on the 'x’ (small grey circle) in the upper line and type your preferred name for this bookmark, (e.g. ‘Open in Readable’).
[2] Choose where you want to save your bookmark by navigating through the ‘LOCATION’ list, and then tap ’Save'.

Part 3 - Convert the bookmark into a dynamic bookmark
[1] In Safari, tap on the 'Bookmarks’ button (see image below)
[2] Tap 'Edit',
[3] Navigate to the bookmark you just saved, and tap it to edit the bookmark.
[4] Tap on the lower line, and tap the 'x’ (small grey circle) to delete the existing URL,
[5] Tap once to open the prompt ‘Paste’, and tap on it to paste the special code.
[6] Keep tapping ‘Done’ to exit the bookmark edit windows.

Now you will be able to open any webpage you are looking at in Safari, in Readable, just by tapping on the bookmark in your bookmarks list.

If you accidentally delete or lose the bookmarklet code, it is:



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